Who we are

Comeinsure is a service that connects people to HMOs to access health insurance service. Comeinsure meets customers’ needs by providing affordable health insurance and addressing major challenges affecting health insurance uptake in Nigeria.

Accessible and affordable insurance health

Comeinsure provides you with a variety of options for health insurance. You can get a health insurance plan that suits you from some of the best HMOs in the country.

Comeinsure cares about your health

We understand the challenges with being able to afford healthcare at the most crucial moments. Therefore, we serve as a bridge between you, our customers and HMOs, bringing you the best health insurance deals, ensuring you are covered for those crucial moments

Without health insurance, You could go bankrupt

Sicknesses and injuries can happen unexpectedly and you should not have to choose between good health and the basic necessities. Comeinsure is your best bet to prevent this from happening. Speak to us for more information

Why Choose Us?

Affordable healthcare insurance

We negotiate the best health insurance deals for you, with the most reliable HMOs. So, get the best insurance plans with amazing benefits for yourself, family, and employees at affordable prices

Easy enrolment

Enjoy seamless, easy, and quick insurance enrolment process within 5 minutes through Comeinsure. You can sign up from anywhere, without unnecessary protocols

Reliable information on health insurance

We provide you with accurate and reliable information on health and health insurance. You can also utilize our one-stop platform to compare and choose a suitable plan from our wide range of insurance plans offered by top-rated HMOs

Immediate access to eligible health services

When you purchase an insurance package with us, we register you with a HMO under a corporate plan, eliminating the characteristic waiting periods associated with certain services in retail plans

Client centeredness

We are deeply committed to client satisfaction. We ensure that we put the well-being and interests of our clients first. At Comeinsure, every customer receives value for their purchase.

Reduced premiums for referrals

Get 2.5% off your next payment when you refer someone to Comeinsure


Whether you are an individual, a family, a small business, an association, we can provide health insurance for you. Speak to our customer care representative


Did You Know...?

Only 9% of Nigerians have health insurance coverage and most Nigerians pay out-of-pocket for health care

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